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Women in Farming Seminar

If you a a women involved or would like to be involved in Farming then the Kent Event Centre will be the venue for a Women in Farming Seminar during the Agri-Expo event on Wednesday 4th March.

The discussion will take place at midday in the Maidstone Exhibition Hall. An interactive panel will debate the common issues women in farming face. Hear from those who advise, those who have made it and those who are new to the industry and please come along to share your thoughts and experiences and broaden your contacts in the farming industry.

With the same number of women and men studying agriculture in higher education, the number of women in farming has more than doubled, making up around 28% of today’s overall farming workforce. There are an increasing number of women successfully building their careers in the agricultural sector and this trend is only going to continue.

Are there still obstacles faced by women in the agricultural sector? How do we make sure that new entrants to industry are not discouraged by the stereotype of this being a male dominated industry?

Building on the Women in Farming supplement in the March edition of South East Farmer, the audience will have the opportunity to listen to experts advising the industry, ask questions, share experiences and discuss the key issues.

The panel and topics to be covered will include:

Claire Houchin, BTF Partnership, the farming business as a whole – from tenancies to family farms

Alice Beasley, Brachers, succession planning

Gail Brooks, Gullands Solicitors, how to protect farming assets in marriage and on divorce

Sarah Calcutt, Partners in Produce, how to market your farm business

Lynsey Martin, NFYFC’s AGRI Steering Group Vice Chair, personal experience of being a female farmer

In conjunction with BTF Partnership, Brachers, Gullands Solicitors, Partners in Produce and with support from RAMSAK and South East Farmer.

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