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Kent Event Centre has 71 per cent Increase in First Quarter Sales

Kent Event Centre saw a 71 per cent increase in event sales in the first quarter compared with the same period (October-December) the previous year.

The increase follows successful 2013-14 figures showing an increase of 10.5 per cent.

Kent Event Centre manager Alison Wallington said: “We’re delighted to have seen such a great increase in our Q1 sales, especially after such fantastic end-of-year results as well. We have a number of clients who have offices throughout Kent, so our central location gives them a great base for training and conferences.

“I think on a broader scale there is a feeling that companies are investing more in training and internal events. We’ve seen new companies come on board but we also have a great track record of client retention so I’m looking forward to generating some more great results in 2015.”

The majority of the venue’s bookings have been training events for the agricultural, health and private sectors. The venue has also seen an influx of new business thanks to investments of more than £4 million on upgrades in the last five years.

This year, Kent Event Centre is set to host the FFX Tool Show for the first time, which is set to attract 10,000 visitors in February, as well as a 14,500 capacity Elton John concert.

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