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Asian Weddings

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Military Odyssey 2016

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The Elton John Concert 2015

We can hold live music events for an audience of 20,000 people

There’s more than you think

Over 200 acres of outside space

The Diversity of Kent Event Centre

The Space for Small Meetings to Large Events

More than just a venue

Discover the Potential of The Kent Event Centre

Build It Live Ticket Give Away

Whether you are looking to add space to your home, or even interested in building a house from scratch, you’ll find lots of inspiration and great advice at Build It Live – this weekend 4th and 5th February at at the Kent Event Centre, Kent Showground. For more information visit We’ve got 100 pair of free tickets worth £24 to give away for this weekend’s show.  Simply click on the link and follow the instructions:…

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